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Rights and Duties

Derechos y Deberes de los usuarios



Resolution 13437 of 1991, of the Ministry of Health.

Every patient must exercise without restrictions for reasons of race, sex, age, language, religion, political opinions or of any kind, social origin, economic position or social status:

As a user of the Contracting Sanatorium E.S.E.

1. I have the RIGHT to freely choose the doctor and in general to the health professionals, as well as to the health institutions that give me the required attention, within the available resources of the country.

2. I have the RIGHT to enjoy a full and clear communication with the doctor, appropriate to my psychological and cultural conditions, that allow me to obtain all the necessary information regarding the disease that I suffer, as well as the procedures and treatments that I leave to practice and the prognosis and risks that such treatment entails. Also my right to that I, my relatives or representatives, in case of unconsciousness or minority of age, consent or reject these procedures, leaving express record, hopefully written, of my decision.

3. I have the RIGHT to receive a dignified treatment respecting my beliefs and customs, as well as the personal opinions I have about the illness I suffer.

4. I have the RIGHT that all reports of my medical history are treated confidentially and secretly and that, with my authorization, they can be known.

5. I have the RIGHT to be provided during the entire process of the disease, the best medical assistance available, but respecting my wishes, in the case of irreversible illness.

6. I have the RIGHT to review and receive explanations about the costs for the services obtained, both by health professionals and by health institutions. Like my right that in case of emergency, the services they receive are not conditioned to the advance payment of fees.

7. I have the RIGHT to receive or refuse spiritual or moral support whatever the religious profession that I profess.

8. I have the RIGHT to be respected the willingness to participate or not, in research carried out by scientifically qualified personnel, as long as I have learned about the objectives, methods, possible benefits, foreseeable risks and discomforts that the investigative process may imply. .

9. I have the RIGHT to be respected for my willingness to refuse to donate my organs so they can be transplanted to other patients.

10. I have the RIGHT to die with dignity and to be respected by my will to allow the process of death to follow its natural course in the terminal phase of my illness.



Every Colombian must join the Social Security Health System, to access services and benefits, and to be in solidarity with other groups of the population.

As a patient of the Contracting Sanatorium E.S.E.

1. I MUST comply with the rules and policies established for admission:

Resolution 00741/97, Art. 6, by which the entry of weapons or any other element deemed dangerous for the safety of users and workers inside the institution is restricted.
For the entry you must present an identity document in the porter and claim the rosette as a control measure.
The entry of animals is prohibited.
The entrance of alcoholic beverages to the facilities is prohibited. Comply with established visiting hours.
Do not circulate in restricted areas.
I MUST timely meet medical and service appointments. When for some reason I can not attend I must inform previously, its cancellation and / or postponement.

I MUST present ID, ID, orders and authorizations (if required) and inform my address, telephone, full name and surname and my companion.

I must provide my treating medical team and diagnostic support services, complete and detailed information of my symptoms, my past illnesses, hospitalizations or previous surgeries, the medications I am taking, allergies or adverse reactions that I have had before any medication or the use of a product and all those aspects related to my health.

I MUST fully comply with the medical orders and the treatment plan ordered in relation to medications, physical activity, home care, food. I am responsible for my self-care.

I MUST report unexpected changes in my health status to my attending physician or medical team staff who treats me.

I MUST accept the consequences when I refuse the suggested treatment or do not follow the instructions my doctor gave me.

I must comply fully with the financial obligations for billing of services received in the Sanatorium.

I MUST treat the staff that gives me the attention with respect and courtesy.

I MUST refrain from smoking.



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